A migraine is one of the most irritable medical conditions that one can face. A migraine is a continuous pain accompanied by throbbing only on one side of the head. People who suffer from a migraine also suffer from other problems like dizziness and nausea. There are a lot of things that people who are suffering from a migraine will have to hear. While most of them are self-generated facts, few of them are true. Most of the migraine victims also suffer from problems in understanding what to eat and what not to. So here we will help you understand the causes of a migraine and the ways in which you have to change your food habits to avoid the problem.


Causes of a migraine:

  • Before you change your food habits in accordance with your medical issue, it is imperative that you understand the reason behind you trouble and the causes behind it. So let’s see the causes of a migraine. Some of the basic reasons behind a migraine are stress, climatic changes, and food habits.
  • The reasons may also vary based on gender as women might face a menstrual migraine, which occurs only during their menstrual cycle. People who are exposed to a hazardous environment as in a smokers’ room can cause a migraine.
  • Too much exposure to noise can also cause a migraine in them. There is also something called vacation migraines, which happen when you are on a tour or outing. This is because of the change in climate.
  • Few studies prove that these migraines are also genetic in nature.

While few of these conditions are unavoidable, other types can be reduced to a great extent if you can focus a bit on your diet patterns.

Food habits that can prevent a migraine:

Understanding your diet patterns and analyzing the food that you consume on a regular basis is the first step in understanding your migraine trouble.

Some of the foods such as red wine, chocolates, meat and sweeteners and even some of the milk products can initiate a headache. So if this is your case, try to avoid that particular food that causes a headache and disturbance in your body.

Leafy Products:

Eat a lot of greens and leafy food items, such as beet greens, lettuce, spinach and kale. These greens contain migraine fighting components such as B2, B6 and also Omega 3. If you didn’t know earlier, omega 3 is closely associated with brain development and thereby it is can act strongly against a migraine causing agents.

Carry Nuts:

Nuts and seed food items are easy to carry. Grab them on a regular basis or fill a snack box that you will always have in the hand kit that you carry. Almonds, cashews, sesame seeds, brazil nuts and many others are widely considered as magnesium supplements. This will help you fight migraine disorders.

Red Meat:

Meat is supposedly believed to carry agents that can instigate a headache. But the case is different if it is red meat. Red meat does the opposite job and can help you fight off a migraine. Fish belongs to the red meat category and is rich in omega 3 content. Remember what we saw earlier? Omega 3 fights a migraine.


Eggs are so healthy products that are rich in protein. The healthy components of eggs reduce a headache to a great extent. So the next time you feel that you will have a migraine, try eating a dish with egg. It will work wonders.